Exploring the Duck Mill
The concept of “preserving history through photography” is the driving force behind Historic Mills Photography Workshops. The desire to capture the storied history of the old mills of Lawrence, and the city itself, is what brought photographers Steven Perlmutter (seen photographing the Duck Mill, above) and Robert Lussier (who took the photo) together to create this unique photography workshop program.

For over a decade, Bob and Steven have been exploring the classic 19th and early-20th century architecture of the mills in order to document the remnants of a bygone era of manufacturing and opportunity with their cameras. Their fascination with Lawrence’s historically important past, and a desire to preserve it, has inspired them to share their passion for photography and the mills with other like-minded individuals since their workshops started in 2013.

Steven and Bob’s photographic style is documentary with a fine-art approach. They strive to not only capture and document these impressive buildings, but to also translate what some may consider old and run-down into something that others would consider art. And anytime they’re exploring the mills, they will always keep one important goal in mind: tread lightly, and always leave any space in a mill exactly as they found it.

Partnering with current mill owners, as well as the Lawrence History Center, Steven and Bob have a created a unique opportunity for photographers of all skill levels and interests to explore, photograph, and preserve a piece of Lawrence’s history, while also learning new photography skills. Their hope is that participants will come away with memorable images, and also an appreciation for the impact that the city and it’s mills have had on the region.

The mills are only a part of Bob and Steven’s photographic interests. Be sure to check out their personal websites.

Bob Lussier | LussierPhoto.com
Steven Perlmutter | PerlmutterPhotography.smugmug.com


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