What We’ll be Shooting

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A few participants of our inaugural workshop asked us exactly what we’ll be shooting on April 6th (and May 18!) at the Stone and Everett Mill Photography Workshop, so I thought I would share the details in a blog post or three. So here we go!

The Stone and Everett comprise Everett Mills Properties, one of our partners in this venture. While the complex is home to many local, modern, thriving businesses, there are areas of the mills that remain empty, or are maintained with their original industrial era feel. It is these areas that we will be shooting in the workshops.

The Stone Mill

Third floor, Stone MillWhen you enter the Stone you will wind your way up one of the most interesting spiral staircases you will ever see. Your instinct will be to start shooting there, but resist the urge. We’ll be back. Let’s keep moving.

The first two floors of the Stone are home to businesses, so we will move directly to the third floor.

Wide open and painted white, the light bounces around the rooms on the third floor. A brightly painted red door on the north end makes a great focal point. The tall windows make great subjects on their own, but also provide great views of the Everett Mill, across the compound.

Let’s keep climbing.

Third floor hallway, Stone Mill

Third floor landing, Stone Mill

The fourth floor attic initially appears dark and foreboding. The office at the top of the stairs on the right could be from the set of a Hollywood movie (look for the keys nailed to the floor).

Move past the office and explore the space a bit. The skeletal structure of Stone’s distinctive roofline is revealed in the rafters. Note the skylights and the gear and chain contraption used to open them. The Stone gets hot in the summer.

Check out the alcoves and stairwells. Look for the details and the textures. Look for the signs of businesses that operated out of the Stone and the people who worked there.

Shooting tip: A tripod is recommended for shooting on the fourth floor. And definitely, if you want to shoot brackets for HDR. We will have a couple available as loaners.

On Monday, we’ll continue the journey through the buildings.

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